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June 18th, 2010 at 5:08 pm

Baby Boomer Music-The Living Sacrifice Band

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I am in total awe of the work this group has produced. It was not until I started reviewing two LP’s I have obtained that I was introduced to them. I am posting the LP’s on Ebay but now I must record some of the music before I do. Here is a great description I found by a blogger who is passionate about vintage gospel music.

This is the description about the Record “Beauty for Ashes” by the Living Sacrifice Band.

Here is the back of the LP

We also found out about another LP released by The Living Sacrifice Band called Called to Brokeness. Here is the description from the Heavenly Grooves Blog. Read it very insightful.

The Living Sacrifice Band

So both of them are for sale but even after the sale is over please go the the Heavenly Grooves Website to stay current on some of the vintage gospel music that will bring back memories.