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December 23rd, 2008 at 7:29 pm

Baby Boomers-What Are Your Caregiver Survival Tips

More and more baby boomers are now providing care to their parents or other loved ones. Yet, we often neglect ourselves. As I got my mind into mental preparation for the holiday I am faced including the routine duties of providing care to my mom. As the only child I have resigned myself to just getting the job done.

Yet, today as I included additional tasks like taking stool samples to the testing lab, picking up her medicine, trying to decide when I would bake holiday cookies and locking in a time to pick up my own medicine I turned to humor as a survival mechanism.

When I went to the lab for additional instructions, and hoping she would allow me to unload the two days worth of samples I had already taken, I gave the technician a Hersey chocolate. I told her that this would be a reminder of my sample dropoff scheduled for the next day. I then joked about providing stool collection samples for caregivers. I said, “I only knew about using double gloves from CSI,” We both laughed and I left to complete more errands before I went shopping, return home to pick up my purse with the drivers license I forgot, grap a sandwich and write this quick post before I am off again. (Who said this was a vacation day?)

The laughter and prior prayer for help was part of my survival. If I did not do it I just knew I would be destined to spend time in some facility until my insurance kicked me out. Of course I am not going into all the related details leading up to the stool samples nor the final exciting process of collecting them in tnose vials. Thank goodness I did not have one with the white top that needed refrigeration.

But my point is I am not alone. Many baby boomers are finding ways of coping with caregiving even if they have other folks to help in the process. So please share them as a comment to this post. It not only will help me but I am just sure it will help someone else.

Stories are also welcomed.

Meanwhile, have a blessed Holiday season. I really do hope I can squeeze in a Zumba class after I see my mom this evening.  But I did say I was baking tonight or should I clean. I also need to cook meals for mom and home. etc, etc  Better to blog, Ha~Who knows got to stay flexible. I guess she had to when raising me.

Don’t forget to leave your survivial tips.