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Rosie's Boomer Review

December 30th, 2008 at 11:23 pm

Practical Gifts To Help During Grief That Baby Boomers Can Teach Younger Generations

Many Baby Boomers Come With Experience With Death and Dying

I personally find that baby boomers and seniors are the true experts on how to deal with death and dying. My father in law just passed the day after Christmas. I am reviewing, once again, the practical things that must be done before and after the funeral. Once you are in the midst of the emotional pain you are reminded of the sensitive issues.

Often, I try to provide support in practical ways. Yet, as I get older it sure would be helpful to have someone half my age working along side me, or running errands that can help the person going through grief.

I actually find solace in the details at times. Yet, the practical things must be shared with our younger generations. For example, prior to going out of town I received two calls from members of my church offering to check in on my mom. That was a comfort. There were several practical helps offered or provided.

 Some folks help clean,cook or write out cards. But whatever, is done before and after is often learned via experiances.  I have learned that what is done for me is what I should try to do for others. Sometimes those things are small but powerful.

Yet, I am distressed at how much our younger generation does not share in this process. Many just don’t know because they were omitted from the process or just did not have time. Why?

During the holidays it seems that one of the most practical things we can do is to share how to give to others during times of grief and despair. Many are hurting when they reflect on their losses. How can we help?How do we teach our children and their children to help?

So please share your practical tips. Those things we should also teach our our younger generation.