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February 19th, 2010 at 2:54 pm

Some Sneaky Ways Credit Card Companies Are Reinventing Fees

A new credit card law will be in effect on Feb. 22, 2010. But according to a special report I just read, the credit card companies have found a way around the law. Now, the reason why I am posting this is not to put all the employees working for credit card companiesĀ  out of a job. No, indeed, my concern is for anyone who carries a credit card balance. I want everyone to be aware of ways to manage their credit card debt. I am learning and trying to learn more.

I actually know people who DO NOT USE A CREDIT CARD. I do not know how they do it but -How cool! (Cool is a baby boomer word)

So here is the article on ways that the credit card companies are working around the new law meant to protect us consumers.