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July 14th, 2020 at 1:36 am

Kings Grocery in Maplewood NJ, Made Us Feel Like Royalty During Covid-19

Early in the pandemic many grocery stores started early arrival times for folks over 60. Kings was one of those grocery chains. But I never made it to the” early bird no hassle less crowds time.” Yet Kings maintained the same focus on social distancing and superb customer care during it’s normal hours.

When you walk into the Maplewood, NJ store you are immediately launched into the crisp fresh vibrant colors of the produce section. As you begin your travels in the store the floor is clearly marked with directional arrows. But I am most impressed with how each and every staff member from the manager to stock person treats customers with such outstanding respect, patience and above and beyond customer service.

The entire time you are in the store the public health messages are shared as reminders to keep a safe distance. So far most customers adhereĀ  to the request. And the store is careful to reinforce the need to keep only one person checking out at a time.

I really enjoy going into the store and I am not a big fan of shopping. LOL I now bring my neighbors and we enjoy getting the specialized items especially the fresh sushi. I guess I just wanted to share how the store has made the experience of shopping during the pandemic less stressful. I feel like royalty. Thank You

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