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Rosie's Boomer Review

October 25th, 2010 at 11:36 pm

999 Ways to be Caregiver Friendly-#2

No one was available the day that Suzy needed someone to go with her dad to the doctor. She decided to take the day off from her job and take him. The receptionist could see the strained look on her face. Suzy knew that she would need to go into the doctors office with her dad but had forgotten her note pad.

She approached the receptionist and asked for a piece of paper and pen. The receptionist smiled and pulled out a very decorative pad and pen with the doctor’s name on it. “Here use this, the doctor wants all the caregivers to have something to record their questions and answers.”

The smile, notepad and pen made this facility CAREGIVER FRIENDLY!

Do you have some suggestions for making a facility or person CAREGIVER FRIENDLY?