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November 21st, 2008 at 3:55 am

Small Business Owner-Did You Know That ThomasNet Has a Blog?

Small business owners, for years, have gleaned manufacturing resources from Thomas Net. I have visited this site often to go directly to a supplier located in a specific geographical area. You can also list your business if you are a supplier, distributer  or manufacturer of a product or service. According to their site they say:

You can also search ThomasNet to find manufacturers, distributors and service providers – from Actuators to Zirconium and everything in between.

I find it fascinating to place a search for an item, i.e, bags and see the world-wide results. You can also search via catelogs. In addition there are several free whitepapers with cutting edge information that can grow your business. There is much more but you need to set aside about 20 minutes to explore the site.

But the news I wanted to share, is the comprehensive and informative blog. Now it may take a while to find the blog because it does not jump out at you with the words blog on the site. It is under the heading Industrial Market Trends.

One of the posts I found to be very relevant for this time in our economy is on the return of bartering.

Overall the entire site is very good. It is concentrated with information so just take your time grab a pencil and read. Also take the time to make comments to some of the posts. It is a powerful baby boomer business resource.

June 13th, 2008 at 4:05 pm

Boomer Consumer in Seattle-You Can Blog for Them

The Bloomer Consumer Blog is part of Yes, they have an entire section dedicated to Boomer imput. There is also a lot of concentrated bite-sized information on this site. They section devoted to The Boomer Consumer States:

The Boomer Consumer is dedicated to helping boomers get what they want in life through using consumer information, making effective choices, and sharing their own experiences

Thanks to one of the wonderful folks who left a comment on this site I found out about it. Thanks Rita! She is a writer for one of the blog. Which you can do also if you wish. This is just right for us boomers! Get started today!

Also  you can visit the entire blog page

This is the information on how you can write for this really cutting edge blog.

Write for

Do you know the burning issues of your neighborhood? Do you feel a burning desire to write about them? If so, join our reader bloggers in bringing the news and events of your favorite place to live to others in your neighborhood. We have openings for bloggers on Queen Anne, Beacon Hill, Belltown, Bothell, Redmond, Bellevue and a host of others.

Actually, that’s just a few of almost limitless opportunities we’re offering to writers and photographers to participate in unpaid, citizen journalism on

We want you to blog about anything you’re passionate about: Hobbies, neighborhoods, sports, news, leisure activities . . . the list goes on. We can give your blog a home on one of the top-20 news sites in America (Nielsen ratings, December 2007), and we’ll give you the independence to say what you mean.

E-mail us at with your idea, your resume, a writing sample, and a link to your current blog (if you have one). We respond to every request, so contact us today.

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December 14th, 2007 at 10:55 pm

Experiance Under Water Photography By Way of An Awesome Blog!

When you see this stunning blog your mind gets a lulled into a quiet serenity with the color of blue and pictures of fish swimming. I am not going to keep you in suspense, the blog is called, The Right Blue.

I am going to let the first paragraph of the ABOUT page tell you more because it is so well written:

The Right Blue refers to the goal of a lifelong pursuit. Sea water viewed from beneath the surface comes in many hues and shades. Surfers wait for the perfect wave; divers seek the right blue.

As you continue to read the fact that the authors are married to each other, boomers, passionate about diving and skilled under water photographers just stun you with anticipation to read more. So you will find yourself reading the entire section and even going to the page about under water photography before you start reading the posts. (Well, I am really talking about my experience. )

The couple lives in Hawaii and the entire blog makes you feel like you were on a tour without the expense of the hotel. Wow, Wow and double Wow sums up each and every post that is on this blog. I must say that since I am a fan of photography and travel  this blog resonates with me.

You really dive into the blog when you visit the photo gallery.  The pictures are breathtaking!

I have never dived. Yet, If I was close I would go to them for lessons. It would be worth learning how to swim to get prepared.I am also so very proud of them because they, like many boomers, live their passion and share their expertise.

Today I say “Thank You” to them and encourage them to keep up the great work!


PS-Please go to view their site and let me know if you also say, “WOW!