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August 1st, 2009 at 1:09 am

Boomer Inventory Challenge-Week 2 in My Online Attic

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Baby Boomer Inventory Challenge

Leaving one of my hosts

I have decided to leave one of my hosts. I will be making the call to the new location  I have already started the move by pointing the domain names to Sedo where I am selling them. With Sedo, as soon as I get an offer I can place them into auction.

That task should be done before my next report.


Our very first taste of audio came via this site.  This site was in it’s early stages but provided free audio code to paste in your site. Now, I really did not know how to do that at all then. But listen to this greeting.

You can hear it blast at Blogging For Boomers, Ray has such a nice voice.

Radio.Userland is shutting down in December 2009.

I had this site listed in my notes. It provides a blogging platform and hosting solution. They were around a long time and they remind me of baby boomerism. They appeared to be very good and offered a good solution for many folks. I never used it but here is their announcement:

Radio UserLand service closing

UserLand has decided to close the Radio UserLand and Salon Radio services as of December 31, 2009.

You can continue to use your Radio weblog hosted with UserLand until the end of the year.

If you plan on continuing to use Radio to publish your blog, we would recommend that you look for an alternative web host if your weblog is being published to a UserLand server. You can use the FTP option [1] in Radio to publish to your own server.

The closure of Radio will also mean that the UserLand-hosted comments, trackbacks and stats tracking will be unavailable after the shutdown date.

If you have any questions, please send them to

Tech Smith

Tech Smith are the makers of the wonderful video  and screen capture software,  Camtasia and Snagit. Now, I have both and discovered my user to user forumn login information. Ah, time to make a visit.

Words Can Hurt or Heal

I found the publishing ftp information for this one page site I have not visited since I was thin. Shame on me. It needs a complete overhaul. But I do need to do something before my customer service workshop next month. If I have enough, I am passing out the really cool cards with the powerful words. I am committed to helping to eliminate verbal abuse. I will get back on that road again with the re hauling of this site.

I once had a blog up called Words Blog but it was on the wrong host and needs to be restored. Wow, this trip to my online attic is bringing powerful reminders to flames of passion that are growing dim.


Some of you remember reading our journal posts about the making of the story book DVD called, Crumbsnatcher Gets A New Name.

Well, we also installed a blog called Crumbsnatcher. But you could really call the blog DYFS for blog neglect. This week, actually yesterday, a post was made on this site. Not only that but Crumbsnatcher is now on Twitter. Those who know the story realize that this bird, who lived in birdtown, went through some stuff and had his name changed by me mother , Ms. Sarah, to Mighty Care Finch. Any way you can follow Mighty Care aka Crumbsnatcher on Twitter.

Have you done any work this week in your online attic?

August 9th, 2009 at 4:19 am

Boomer Inventory Challenge-Online Attic Part 3

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Baby Boomer Inventory Challenge

It sometimes find it hard to throw things out in my Online Attic. Yet some things just must go to the super waste bag in the garbage can.

This week I threw away a social networking site I signed up for a great while ago. Since then it seems to have changed not just it’s template.  Tagworld is not a site I want to continue to hang out in for now. Why, well, a few of their videos are ok and informative but it appears that most of the videos and discussions are ,well,  you need to assess it for your self. I just did not find enough solid business information to hold me captive.

As with all social networking sites, you want to determine a social networking plan before you go into the site. I can always re-evaluate the site later but for now, since they threw out my login details with the new interface, I can throw it out.

I also found a site,  brushed it off, and installed it on a second computer. That was Skype. It is really great for getting in contact with folks overseas or just in another State. Now, it has a lot of features. So it is worth exploring.

I just have not used it lately because I am working on my laptop more than my desktop. But that is going to change also. I am doing more healthy computing for my posture, neck and arms on the desktop. Oh, the Ben-Gay.

Finally, I re-visited a revenue sharing video site that I have many videos showing. If you click on the ads at the end of the videos you get a percentage of the “Google Like Ads”. So far I have a whooping $2.00 and a few cents.

Oh, the name of the site is Revver. I like it and will move it to the first floor. That means I will post more videos up.  It will be just like throwing rice on the wall, some of it just got to stick.

That’s all for the current challenge. It appears that I will be doing this longer than 4 weeks. I am only making a dent in the stuff on my Online Attic.

How have you been doing? Finding anything interesting?

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