Hi,  this is Rosie Horner. I am the author of this blog, Rosies Boomer Review.

I do keynotes and workshops on communication topic and lots of inspiration. I like keeping people motivated and awake regardless of my topic. Yes, that means even If I am speaking about blogging.

I started this blog to have a place to put my assortment of tid bits I read or hear about that baby boomers might appreciate. I have a reputation  for helping folks connect to their passion, purpose and potential. It is a personal hobby of mine.

Now, I have two niches. One is presentation skills coaching and the other is blog coaching for non-profit organization teams and baby boomer individuals. Yet, this site is a look at products, resources and other good things going on in boomer world.

Oh, did I mention that I was and still a baby boomer?

If you need to contact me give drop an email at rosie (at) rosiehorner dot com.

Let me know, also what topics you would like me to review or discuss.