That yard sale have enabled you to sell some things and meet great folks but it may have still left you with  a lot of stuff. Some may be heavy furniture that is still sitting in the garage and clothes in piles.

Here are some ideas if you want to donate or give them away.

  1. Contact the local nursing home in your area

Ask to speak with the Activities Director. Many of your items like book, puzzles and even clothes may be useful to the residents. Even jewelry like long necklaces, brooches and roll-on beaded bracelets can be given as prizes during bingo games. I know about this because I used to purposely go to yard sales to pick up items to share at nursing homes because of my organization Adopt A Nursing Home Patient. 

Because of funding needed to rent space I can no longer hoard the items in my house LOL

2. Join Free Cycle

Their site states: “We are a grassroots & entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their own Towns. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Membership is free. And now you can also set up your own, smaller personal Friends Circle for gifting and lending of items with just your friends!”

     3. Join your local Swap Group on Facebook

These groups are amazing. You will see listings on days after a yard sale where folks have put items on the curb for free pick up. Some folks do not even bother with a yard sale but just put the Items out.
Be sure however, to check to make sure what the rules of your municipality are in terms of how long you can leave the items on the curb.

 4.  Donate to a non-profit organization that will pick up your furniture.

There are several organizations that will not only give you a tax receipt by also pick up your larger items like furniture after your sale. I have listed 8 the organizations below and type of items they take.

Salvation Army

Who do they help?

he Salvation Army assists those in need across a wide variety of spectrums, including victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, at-risk youth, the elderly, and natural disaster victims.

They usually take the following items.

Various household items and appliances
Used cars

Goodwill Industries

Who do they help?

Your items will be brought to a nearby Goodwill store or online and sold at a discount to those in need. The money raised goes to various initiatives, including job training and placement programs.

Check with your local Goodwill to see what items they will pick up.

AMVETS National Service Foundation 

Who do they help?

Your donation helps support Veterans , which include community outreach programs and job training courses.


This group provides a FREE cleanout service. Give them a call  1-888-575-7700

The Arc

Who do they help?

Adults and children with mental disabilities.

What they accept:

Furniture and housewares
Clothing and shoes
Toy and games
Used cars
You can also schedule via phone by calling The Arc at 1-800-283-2721

Pick Up Please

Who are you helping?

Vietnam Veterans

How to schedule a Pickup Please pick up:  enter your zip code and see if Pickup Please offers services in your area. If you won’t be home at your scheduled pick up time, leave the items in bags or boxes outside of your home with a label that says “VVA Donation Pickup.

Habitat for Humanity

Who do they help?

helps provide decent and affordable housing to those in need around the world.

Once you go to the site scroll down and enter your zip code for the RESTORE close to you.

They usually accept:

Building materials
Household items
Furniture Bank Network

Who do they help?

The working poor, formerly homeless individuals, women and children escaping domestic violence, immigrants, and others.

They accept:

Used cars and recreational vehicles.
Pick Up My Donation


Pick Up My Donation is an organization that works with non-profit thrift stores to secure donations for their needs. it is awesome option for when you’re in need of a donation pick up and want to pick out a local charity to receive your items.

What they accept:

Large items that can’t easily be donated without a truck.
5.  Donate to an organization that will give your clothes new purpose while building self-esteem for the wearers.
Dress for Success

Dress for Success  

This is a global charity that provides professional attire to women in need. It’s a wonderful place to donate all of your unwanted suits and other business clothes and will go toward giving needy women the garments they need to join the workforce while building their self-esteem. The organization is divided into local affiliate groups through which you can donate clothing that fits their needs.

Career Gear

Career Gear help men instead of women. The organization accepts business-appropriate clothing that can be given to men for job interviews full list of what is accepted, as well as donation requirements (i.e. clothing must be in style and in good condition). Right now the organization is not accepting donations due to Covid but keep in your files.

Local shelters, community centers, or religious centers

Many local charities accept clothing donations which they then pass on to people in need. In particular, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and other organizations that work with people going through difficult times in their lives are almost always open to accepting your unwanted clothing that is in good, wearable condition. You should call ahead of time to ensure they are accepting clothing donations at that time, or you can simply go and drop off your items.

Soles4Souls and Clothes4Souls

These two sister organizations accepts new and used clothing donations which they then distribute to people who need them. They do everything from stock clothing closets at schools in impoverished areas so children have something clean to wear every day to building playgrounds out of recycled shoes. The organization has partnered with Zappos for Good to expedite the donation process.


Your Local Animal Shelter

If you have unwanted bedding, towels, or other linens in your closet you no longer want, consider dropping those off with your local animal shelter.



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