Sue was looking for a gaming chair with a massage for her favorite uncle so he could work his stamp collection without hurting his neck. She was an occasional Ebay buyer that just popped into the site to get what she wanted not for retail therapy.

She saw a listing for five chairs that met her requirements. Three of the chairs had the same price, all had free shipping and all were Top Rated Sellers. She asked herself, “how am I going to choose?  As she stared at the screen she noticed that one of the listings had a blue and yellow ribbon on it indicating that it supported a charity. As she went into the listing she saw where 30% of the sale would benefit a charity that rescued animals.

As a animal lover she made her selection although the chair she choose was at a higher price.

If you know a nonprofit that could use another source for their fundraising efforts click the link below.

Get your nonprofit in Ebay!

If you do this please post a comment just in case an Ebay Seller reads this post.

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