I can’t remember if it was a sunny or cloudy day when I decided to create a blog post and my site was down. I felt like just sitting on my keyboard and crying. I called my host and they told me that one of my sites were hacked and as a result ALL of them were taken down.

They suggested that I purchase a new service they had that would protect my sites from future hacks. So, I talked with the representative and they gave me a price per site for maintenance per month. I t old them I had a lot of sites that was growing on that tree. So, they offered a cheaper price but it was still almost the price of my mortgage payment.

Do I give up blogging? Do I stick with just one site?

I then decided to chat with a friend and fellow blogger. She told me about her hosting and offered to help me transfer all my sites to that host. I did it! I was careful not to sever my hosting relationship with the old site until everything was transferred. My  url’s were also hosted on the old host’ server.

What happened after that has been a blessing. I stopped my site hosting with the old host and maintained just the urls which I had pointing to the new host. My new host Siteground even helped me in the process of pointing my old url’s to them.

Love the Technical Support They Don’t Talk Dirty

Siteground has one of the best tech support experiences. Not only do they take the time to explain everything but they reflect in their VOICE TONE that they really want to help me. I know that sounds strange but it makes me feel like I’m not stupid or a bother. And as a baby boomer no longer on coffee I appreciate that they do not talk at  3o miles per hour. LOL So my conclusion is that they do not talk dirty because they explain everything in language I can understand with tonal quality that makes you feel ok about asking questions.

So, give Siteground a call if you want great support for your blogging and reliable service. Unless someone buys them and changes their business philosophy I am sticking with them. Now I can stop sitting on the keys.

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.