Are hobbies becoming a lost art. Will electronic gaming take the place of model cars, knitting, and wood carving, etc? I hope not. My husband recently took me to Maplewood Hobby Shop in Maplewood NJ. I was surprised to see folks engaged in a focused strategic board game on a Thursday afternoon.

The atmosphere was electrically charged with brain cells firing all over the store. Customers gathered to search the shelves for new games, look at hobby figures, plus so much more. I did not see anyone, I mean anyone starring at their phones or Ipads.

I wanted to share this short interview I had with Rick on the importance of having a hobby. When you finish viewing please share your hobby. And if you enjoy playing historical war gaming, Magic Booster Draft plus more then be sure to visit the Maplewood Hobby Shop at 1970 Springfield Ave in Maplewood,NJ.

And if you do not have a hobby I hope this video inspires you to get one! Put the phone down for a wee bit and work on your hobby.

By Rosie

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