HARP- The Home Affordable Refinance Plan is supposed to help all those born before 1985 to save money on their mortgage. It is a mortgage reduction program that is supposed to expire this year, 2018.

Regardless, if it is  $100 or  $1,000 any savings is better than no savings at all. So let’s get started. Begin by clicking on the HARP Lender Network and answer 10 short questions. This will let you know if you qualify.

After you answer the questions you are given, depending on your answers, a few lenders that have really nice mortgage rates. That is where the savings show.

So check out the HARP site and see what happens. I went through it and did not continue with the credit check because they wanted me to pay 1.00 and then get a membership for 39.00 that I could call and cancel. Of course you know the hope is that you forget the cancel and someone enjoys that 39.00 monthly debit on your card. LOL

Now since I personally explored this I am here to report that I must have received over 20 calls from various lenders persistently starting at 8:35 am. In addition, I noticed that some of the rates were      not that low.

I am sure that one of those lenders will finally pin me down and I will answer the phone when I am not in a meeting, blogging or looking at “Let’s Make a Deal.” But in all honesty I just do not feel like speaking to a high pitch sales talk. But tomorrow is another day.



By Rosie

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