Many of us may see our oral health as a part of our Diabetes health and management.  For some of us the Dental visit is only for dentures, implants or when that tooth hurts.  Yet, more and more research is showing that the health of our mouth can be an indicator of other health issues like Diabetes.

Many baby boomers may also ignore the need to make sure their current dentures fit properly. But poor fitting dentures can wreck havoc for the baby boomer diabetic.  Here is a short video on dental care and diabetes.

As many of you already know Diabetes results when he body does no produce enough insulin. learn more abou Diabetes by clicking his link.  As baby boomers our risk for developing the disease increases with age.  One report on health and baby boomers projected that one in four baby boomers will be living with Diabetes.

I want to share two articles on oral health and Diabetes that you can review for your self or a loved one. One is from the Centers for Disease and Control and another from Colgate-Palmolive Company  

I know I have a lot of links to articles in this one post. However, I encourage you to grab a cup of of your best low sugar beverage, relax and read all of them. As Baby Boomers we must do all we can to keep vital, healthy and purposeful. There is just too much for us to do. Don’t you agree?


By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.