“It’s all about movement and learning to walk 10.000 steps at a time” That is an engaging quote from a new book by Mike Schatzki, called “The Great Fat Fraud-Why the Obesity Epidemic isn’t how to be totally healthy without losing weight AND if you Should Lose Some Pounds how to keep them from finding you again.

Mike’s book is based on the research of an analytic research prone mind and written in the style of a creative teacher who is gifted enough to make the common person understand physics.  The chapter headings make you want to read the contents.  Thirty short easy to read chapters are tucked under seven sections plus three appendices that include body index charts, a treadmill protocol and how to correctly use your pedometer.

The sections include:

  • How to Be Totally Healthy without Losing a Pound
  • Pound-Losing Them, Making Sure They Don’t Find You Again
  • Getting from Here to 10,000
  • Everything Else the Weight Loss Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know
  • How the Weight Loss Industry Tricked Us Into Believing tha Fat is a Disease and What We Can Do About It
  • Putting It All Together
  • Endnotes and More Detail on the Science Underlying This Book

Check this book out even if you already disagree with some of the section headings you will not be bored or regret the time spent. PLUS it just might help. Now, let me get to bed a little earlier tonight so I can start making more steps in the morning. And trust me I am counting the steps to the bath and bedroom.




By Rosie

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