This morning I decided to put on a pair of my mom’s favorite boots to walk in the snow to church. My mom loved these boots that I brought for her almost a year ago.  But if you knew my mom she was not a shoe person so  these are just one of two pair of boots she owned.

Mom passed on December 20, 2011 at the age of 84. Putting on her boots made me reflect on something said at her homegoing service about “walking the talk.” She took many children from her housing development, “Little Bricks” to Sunday School and she always tried to not just talk about God’s love but reflect in in her actions.

Sometimes after church she wanted to take the children out to eat.  She tried to be there for them. So you have to know that tears came to my eyes when I saw some of them attend and speak at her service. It still brings tears to my eyes as I type this. But must wipe them because I can’t see good.

She was a woman of action and when I gave my remarks at the funeral I used a word mnemonic SARAH.


A-Action (She always tried to help folks)

R-REAL (She kept it real)

A-Attitude of gratitude and Attitude of trust in the Lord

H-Healing through laughter

I spoke and used short illustrations of each point. Perhaps I will share in another post.  I may also share the eulogy my husband did.But putting on these boots today reminded me so many sweet memories and a powerful legacy.  I only hope that I remain faithful and as much of a woman of action.

As her memory became more challenged after a brain stroke I started writing notes to her around her apartment.  I once wrote a note and placed it on her mirror, “God still has a lot for you to do”. She told me that she often read it and thanked me.

I know that she has a burial ground spot but I am not there everyday so I have placed her at rest in my heart.

For those of you who would like a copy, here is the funeral program for Sarah Calhoun.

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