Did you know that you can get the phone numbers of all your Facebook friends? Well, I was just reading about it and decided to test the instructions. The instructions worked but there was a minor change so I present to you what works as of today.

Step 1. Sign on to your Facebook account

Step 2. Go to the top right and click on ACCOUNT

Step 3. Click on the option EDIT FRIENDS

Step 4.  Go to the top left and click on CONTACTS.

What will appear to the right will be all your contacts with their phone numbers.

Just promise me that you don’t use this information to spam, spank or scold your friends. (But I know everyone reading this would never do that. Also, note that if you do not want your phone information in Facebook then replace it with a number you don’t mind having online.

By Rosie

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  1. I think that facebook helps many seniors not to feel lonely and to be able to find many of their friends. And this is one of the features that make it easy to find friends. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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