I just read an eye-opening blog post in Wallop Pop that indicated a savings of  $835 dollars if you brew your coffee at home for a year. That’s right if we restrain ourselves from grabbing that cup of java from our popular fun shops and put the money in a jar we can see super savings. I checked on Travelocity to see what vacations existed that cost less than $835 with airfare. There were a lot including Paradise Island.

Now, I love my cup of Starbucks coffee while at Barnes and Nobles so I will not be super disciplined at doing this. But if I jar or deposit half of the stuff I love to pick up on a regular basis I can really save. Ok, let’s see how about baking those pumpkin muffins I love so much from Whole Foods? Or, reading the daily paper online? The bottom line is I must find something to cut back on that is part of my regular financial luxury spending. And guess what if I cut back to the skinny I just might get skinny.

How about you? What are you saving for and how are you doing it?

By Rosie

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