Yesterday my mom came home from the hospital. I decided to sit up and  stay  her for the night. I felt restless, although tired, but was determined to quietly read the Dream Giver, by Bruce Wilkenson while I listened for any stirrings from my mom.

It felt strange reading instead of punching keys on a computer keyboard in the wee hours of the night. But the simple yet powerful story of a Nobody character named Ordinary who lived in the Land of Familiar took me on a roller coaster of emotions. I poured through the pages seeing my life unfold.

I underlined passages in the book written in the style of the Pilgrim’s Progress  like:

  • Ordinary says, “Now I know a secret: I can take courage even when I am afraid.”
  • “Then Ordinary stumbled in despair across the sandy Waste, dragging his empty suitcase behind him. His dream was dead, and now he wanted to die, too.
  • “Tears began streaming down his cheeks. “Take away my darkness, ” he pleaded. “Give me your light!” And the Dream Giver did. He took away Ordinary’s darkness and gave him his light.
  • Ordinary recognized the Giant towering over him. It was Moneyless..”
  • Ordinary writes, “Unbelief is dangerous. So far I have chosen to Believe. But it feels risky every time.”

I am almost finished but I am already inspired and hopeful. I am so glad the book popped off my shelf while looking for something on blogging.

I am going to pull my dreams out of the corner. How about you?

By Rosie

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