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There is an old commercial where the person is shouting on the phone saying, “Hello, Hello, can you hear me now?” It is an advertisement for a cellular phone service. I decided today to do a series on Online Visibility for baby boomers. I am going to feature some folks and service providers who work hard to make baby boomer businesses, non-profit organizations and causes more known online.


I am doing this series, however, short or long, to:

  • Provide resources for baby boomers who need these services.

  • Provide awareness about some services that exist under the radar. For example, a programmer is seldom seen. Yet their services are critical when you want to create software and you just do not have those skills.

  • Help cut through the maze of online mess that promises to deliver but often disappoints…

Who or What Services Will Be Featured?

I plan to share information from individuals and services that are currently working to enhance our visibility. Some I know and have used personally. Some I know and may not have used but others have and report they are trustworthy and good.

I may also feature some online portals for baby boomers that showcase their business and causes.

What Do I Get?

I get satisfaction that needs can be met. Since I enjoy helping others believe that we are not on this earth to just take up space this is a small way I can help. There are some services I may have an affiliate relationship with and will make related fees. But there will also be a host, I hope, of individuals and businessess that I have met online and want to provide exposure because I just plain like them. I desire to see them thrive. I desire to see baby boomers and their business thrive, I want to keep us all alive with empowering information and healthy brain stimulating purpose.

Does this make sense? Will this be helpful for you? Are you one of the folks I can trust to showcase and provide valuable informaton and service to help baby boomers get more online exposure?

If you have someone you have used that you trust please let me know who and what they have done for you. I will not know them and do not want to share their information to my readers and they get negative results. Also, please do not respond to this post with a lot of links in the comments. Just connect with me on Facebook, (Rosemary Horner)


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3 thoughts on ““Hello…Hello Can You See Me Now?”-Online Visibility for Baby Boomers”
  1. What a great idea, Rosie. As a Baby Boomer, I am passionate about getting the word out there about what the economic future holds for us and that despite all the “bad news,” we can create our own economies and help each other out at the same time. Giving is always more important than receiving. Thanks and kudos to you for making this major effort to get us Boomers linked up and helping each other out in all sorts of ways.

  2. This is a really good idea Rosie. There are plenty of unsung baby boomer heroes who are making a difference in the lives of fellow boomers. One person who comes immediately to mind is Martin Diano and Baby Boomer Authority. The site provides a wealth of information from boomers in the know.

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