Baby boomers hobbyists and collectors are one of the most fascinating groups I know. My husband, artist Ray Horner Jr. is one of those baby boomers. This baby boomer loves Acoustic Research Speakers. Partner this love with his art and carpentry skills and you have a baby boomer that takes on the challenge of making the inner beauty of classic stereo speakers sing beautiful music.

Take a few minutes to view the evolution of a set of scrappy speakers to a restored piece of art. You did a great job Ray.

By Rosie

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2 thoughts on “Baby Boomer Restores Classic AR 4x Speakers to a Work of Art”
  1. Great job on the speakers Ray. They look like brand new. AR also put out a fine basic belt drive turntable that was indestructible. No auto functions, just pick up the arm and place it on the record for light tracking,correct speed record playback. Sometimes,less is more. In the ’80s AR speakers were constructed on Walnut Street in Cranford in a factory near the parkway.

  2. Thanks for the comment Dan. Shared it with Ray. He actually had the turntable and several years ago, instead of restoring it, let it go. Just hope someone took it out of the trash and it is playing somewhere.
    Did not know about the Cranford connection.

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