What is the so-called “Sandwich Generation?

The definition below ,from the author of the term, gives you a firm explanation.

“Sandwich Generationers®,” those sandwiched between aging parents and their own children

If you are a baby boomer in the in the “Sandwich Generation” How are you coping? Please share some of your coping strategies as a comment. Also, share this question on your own blogs.  The answers can help someone else. Let’s try to make it go viral.

By Rosie

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3 thoughts on “How Do Baby Boomers in the Sandwich Generation Cope?”
  1. I’ve passed through the sandwich part as my parents are both now gone. However, I was their primary caretaker as my brother lives on the opposite coast. My mother was bedridden for eight years and my father was almost totally blind. It was HARD.
    I loved my parents and it was sad to see them like that. The situation was also frustrating, emotionally draining, and extremely difficult. My best advice–give yourself as much time off as you can and forgive yourself if/when you have a meltdown.

  2. Oh, Mary you have not been in the sandwich it was more like a submarine sandwich. Your advice about forgiving your self is wise. Yet, you survived and I know that is encouraging for me and know it will be encouraging for others.

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