Watch this short clip about a full figured baby boomer who decides to fit in an exercise routine while coming up with blogging ideas. I can call her big because it is me! I am trying to get to my fighting weight. Ha!

PS Check out some really good blogging tips at Blogging for boomers

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

4 thoughts on “Want Another Way to Get Blogging Ideas? Watch This Big Boomer”
  1. -I have a lot of computer weight, helps with leverage, Ha!
    Thanks Carole, Kevin gave me the idea when I was talking with him about blogging and he said, “you should video it”

  2. Rosie–

    Talk about inspiration and motivation! You’ve inspired me to make the most of my hula and, when times get tough, just “scoop it up.” Great words to live by and a fabulous video!

  3. Rosie,
    In addition to being very creative, your video shows that you are very well coordinated and have stamina You can talk while you hoola hoop, and make it look easy! You Go Girl!!!

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