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June 14th, 2010 at 9:44 pm

Facebook Fan (Like) Page-Career Coach by Kevin Thompson

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Are you thinking about changing careers or need help in the career you are in? Well, if you are consider visiting Kevin Thompsons Facebook Page.

(Please note that the Facebook Pages are behind the scenes. You will see the postings on the wall but they differ from the main Facebook chatter. It is usually niched for business.)

He knows about career transitions. He is a  social media expert and trainer in topics that include Team Building. But he is also trained as a hospital administrator. Economic dramas have exposed him to various opportunities to get re-tooled and gain expertise in new areas as a baby boomer.

His Facebook page is evolving and I encourage you to start more discussions for him and others to address.

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    I will regularly upload tons of stock imagery but I?m not sure what to do about the copyright issue? please help!. . Thanks!.

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    Thelma, unless your have permission to use an image , it is your image or you have purchased an image best not to use it.

    Rosie on August 29th, 2011