Yes, it is the season to enjoy outdoor activities. You can also do a virtual outdoor Blog Carnival right now! So, take a few minutes and visit some of these great blogs hosted by an insightful baby boomer blogger. Many of you know that I am a stickler for About pages.  If you really want to get to know other baby boomer bloggers read their About pages.

The blogger, Joe Hauckes, the host of this Blog Carnival has a clearly written about page.  It is not long but gets right to the point.See below:

Hi, my name is Joe Hauckes and I’m a Baby Boomer.

I havs been blogging on the Working at Home on the Internet blog since October 2005 and the My Computer Back in Service blog since August 2007.

Born in March 1953 (on the ides of March), I seem to be in the middle of the Great Baby Boom after WWII.

So, why not endeavour to build a community of like minded and same generational people who have so much in common.

So, I present this Blog and the Baby Boomers U.S. Forum for your enjoyment.

Have Fun and Thanks for being a part of the community.


So take a few minutes to play and get to know folks at the Blog Carnival.

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.