I know what autism is and some families, like a neighbor, who have a child with Autism Yet, like any disease you can sympathize but the day to day challenges are only known by the families. I was in my car this afternoon and heard only part of an interview on NPR with the father of a child with Autism. Now the first thing that came to my mind was a husband who actually left his wife alone to care for their son with the disease.

Yet, here on the radio was the voice of a Dad who shared his feelings, love for his son and some of the intensive research he and his wife did to provide support. Things like diet, communication and a refusal to accept the “it can not be done” by a medical professional they consulted with in the early days of their child’s disease.  I was so very proud of this husband and wife. But, I must admit I was more impressed with this man’s love and continued support for his family. Far from the disappointment I had with the young man who just could not hack it. I hope one day that he reads this book. If I knew where he was I would share it with him.

I also thought about my neighbors. They are a united family who are proud of the strides made by their child. They are also involved in activities that provide support and research.  They work as a team. I know it is not easy. They like so many are true heroes.

I have not read this book yet but want to share it with you, my readers, and hopefully with my neighbor and the resilient woman who is caring for her son alone.  I hope it helps to provide continued support and encouragement.

But remember, Autism is just one of many diseases that affect out children providing a continual commitment challenge for parents. If you would like to share your story or enlighten other readers on how to best support a family feel free to post your comment.

PS Also visit a great site called Be In The Know New Jersey for a continual faucet of health information and resources for families and professionals to keep families healthy. Remember, before I was a blogger I am a health educator. Hence, I just hope I can continue to empower and educate folks when I can.

By Rosie

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