It appears that many many baby boomers are buying and selling on Ebay. Now, some are doing the selling to augment retirement income. While others are seeking hobby focused collections. Whatever the case Ebay is one of the largest online auctions around.

I found this well written, comprehensive article by Philip Moeller. He writes for US New and Reports. He also has extensive  experience in business journalism, including reporting, writing, editing and publication design and production, both in print and online.

As such, he is a credible source for the article I am sharing with you.  This article looks at the baby boomers and Ebay use. It also gives a birds eye view of what is hot for purchase and sales on Ebay. I loved it. I think it will added value to your Ebay efforts as a buyer or seller.

So, take a few minutes to check out this article about Ebay, baby boomers, collectors and retirement.

By Rosie

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