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April 21st, 2010 at 3:49 am

Short and Easy to Understand Video on Skype

I was just on an awesome baby boomer site called The Baby Boomer Entrenprenuer. This blog is run by a baby boomer marketing, copywriting and business coach expert-Andrea J. Stenberg.

Yes, this short post is about her post on Skype but please spend some time enjoying all the other rich information. I was very impressed as you will be also. Her site is bright, engaging and easy to navigate.

So take a few minutes and view the short video she has on her site about Skype.

In addition read her other post 7 Ways to Use Skype for Business. I never realized that you could send large files via Skype.

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    Thanks for the shout out about my post and the kind words about my blog. Glad we discovered each other.


    Andrea J. Stenberg on April 23rd, 2010