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In case you missed it read why I am doing this series of reviews.

Purpose of the Fan Page

Developing your social skills will:
1. Open doors of opportunity.
2. Increase your earning potential.
3 Enhance your relationships.
4. Attract better and higher paying clients
5. Increases your self esteem
6. You will have more power and influence.

About the Administrator

This charming and informative fan page is administered by Walethia Aquil.

I was captivated by the quote she has on her website:

“What price would you pay for freedom, enhanced relationships, and living the life style you want and deserve.” -Walethia Aquil

She also said, “Don’t allow the lack of knowledge to sabotage your business and personal relationships.”

Most Recent Post (as of this writing)

Dress and Etiquette Really Matter for Lawyers

Interesting Features of the Page

There are several tabs that provide insightful information on ettiquate

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From job search to just entertaining this page will start you on the road to how to act and look in any setting.

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