Attention all parents of small children, grandparents and baby boomers who want to color in the lines. Join the Crayola Facebook Fan Page!-84,965 current fans!

Exciting Features

  • A cool CREATIVE tab that features “How to Videos”. The video featured now has a mom and child showing you how to create something called a spiral spinner. Plus there are more. What a great idea for working with your child or grand.  But wait, this would be good if you were working with seniors at a center. The idea is “creativity”.
  • ACTIVITIES tab has oodles of coloring pages you can print then color. Wow, who can get bored?
  • LIGHTS CAMERAS COLOR tab gives you an opportunity to turn your photos into coloring pages. They stream your current photo ablums in your Facebook.  Need I say more?

So, yes, this is a fun and safe place to play. it is also a stroke of genius by Crayola.

Join the Crayola Facebook Fan Page


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