Ok, I admit that the only true joy of Super Bowl for me are the commercials. So, I decided to give them my own review.   IT DOES NOT INCLUDE ALL OF THE COMMERCIALS. Here are the clips from the commercials I saw.

The Good

Bridgestone: The Bachelor Party

I think the car knew those guys had issues. That poor whale. If it wasn’t for the tires…

Hyundai: New Car

Real class act. Music, attention to detail, etc. Now, I would like to see a series to convince me to buy for more than the paint. How about that engine, safety, etc. But this was a great commercial to bring down the excitement level a wee bit.

Universal: Wolfman

Just makes me wonder if with all the special effect this wolfman will dodge that silver bullet. But then maybe a Bud Light will cure him.

Coke: Simpsons Moving

Does this ad mean to say that Coke has core values of friendship, diversity and economic revival? That coke has a higher vision? That Coke can take a lickin and keep on being Coke?Well Done!

Cars.com: Growing Up

Good, no great There site should have challenged their server.

The Bad

Tebow and Mom,

Ouch! Regardless how tough she is that had to hurt. Yep, she should be worried about him if he knocks her over like that for sport.

Boost Mobil: Super Bowl Shuffle

Who said football players couldn’t shuffle? They really can but think they needed more rehearsals. But who had time? Great drummer.

Bud Light: Light House

I just could not get past seeing the house get taken apart while everyone grabbed a beer. Would they rebuild the house after all the beer was gone with the empty cans? If they did it would be great for recycling.

Bud Light: Observatory

They had to be drinking something harder than Bud Light.

Universal: Robin Hood

Will anyone I know personally be in it? Is it too late to sign up as an extra? Will the DVD be out right away. Will he fight for theUniversal Health Plan?Soooo many questions unanswered in that clip/

Bud Light: Voice Box

Bud Light makes you sing in a voice you never knew you had. Wow!

Go Daddy: Danica Patrick

Should have had Betty White play the massage therapist. She could have started very lightly doing a massage. Then the client could say “Go deeper” and she could say, “No, dear Go Daddy never goes deeper into your pocket unless you ask” “But since you asked…


The massage therapist could have taken off her face and be someone older, then her shirt and be a man, then different things to show all the different folks who use Go Daddy. Right now all it makes me think is that Go Daddy is great for adult web sites?

The Insanely Funny

I like anything Betty White is in. Besides I am always happy to see seniors and boomers in video. She is quick, charming and funny. The line “playing like Betty White” was a downer. And you really need to see the clip more than once because of the quick scene change. After too many cupcakes you just might not get the fact that Betty White was supposed to be the player. DEEP

Doritos: The Dog Gets Revenge:

The dog taking off the collar and walking on hind legs was good. Now, I would have the dog push a dorito towards the guy to make him speak for it.

Doritos: Play Nice

Now the young player knows an old player when he sees one.


Well done. Just wondered what happened to the beaver sweetheard who stood by him when he was just a hungry beaver. Who encouraged him, and fed him. Only for him to run off with the pretty face when he got fame and fortune. But well done with some funny moments.

Sketchers:Shape up

I know it wasn’t supposed to be funny but I kept waiting for the full figured folks to walk around in them. And also imagined folks wearing them to and from the refrig with super snacks.

Ok, that’s my take on the commercials. Please don’t ask me my views about the game. I was working on my website and watching old segments of The Outer Limits. But when the game was over, I had fun with these commercials.

So, what do you think? What was your take on the commercials.

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

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