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I recently encouraged someone to join a particular Facebook page.  I got off the phone after telling the person I would call them back after I ate my dinner. While eating my spinach I realized that this person was very new with Facebook. I would have to take time and go step by step so they could easily visit that Facebook page when they signed into thier account.

That raised a questlion for me. “How do I usually sign into my Facebook pages?” Well, the Facebook pages I set up are easy. I just go to my Home page and their they are on the left high above the fold. Yet, everytime I visit another page I signed up to I either place it into the seach box or wait until someone places a comment or LIKE to a post I made on that page.  Then I get this notification.

Ok, I had to search on Facebook in the help section to find out that all my groups and pages were listed, BELOW THE FOLD on the INFO under my profile. It’sBoomer Time! I discoverd something I did not know.

So, there before me were goobs of groups and 148 pages I had clicked on to join. The sad thing is I have seldom visited these great pages. Hence, the reason for this new series of posts. I am going to share some reviews of my Facebook Fan pages. I want others to see some of the pages that provide insight, inspiration and powerful information.

So join me and if you have some pages you want to share along the way just send me the review or post as a comment.

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