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Rosie's Boomer Review

February 24th, 2010 at 1:41 am

M i c k e y Mouse-Mickey Mouse

Fellow baby boomers, how many of you remember viewing the opening of the Mickey Mouse  Club House Show? I still can see my black and white TV with all those kids sitting down singing that song.

I don’t recall if I ever had any aspirations of being on the show. I never asked why there were no folks who looked like me on the show.  I just liked the show and the song. It made you feel good.

 I have been doing a lot on Ebay in my attempt to add to my pension fund and clean my attic. I noticed how many Mickey Mouse collectibles are present. I even added to the listings with some snow globes, video and soon to  be posted Mickey Mouse doll.

So, if you ever want to re-connect to Mr. Mickey from “Back in the Day” check out some of those Ebay listings. Meanwhile let’s all  sing that song. Why? Because we like you!

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    what a cute video to watch – brings back such memories!

    Suzanne on February 25th, 2010