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January 2nd, 2010 at 5:52 am

Want to Know the Weather in Your City Real Quick

There are lots of ways to find out the weather report. You can put an RSS feed on your desktop, on your toolbar and you can click on the weather channel on your TV. But another quick way is to just put in the phase “weather for (name of your city)” directly into Google.

For example, we plan to walk early Sat. morning and I just do not do rain very well. So I just keyed in the statement above.  It gave me the entire weather report for the week.

Now, someone is saying, “Why bother to post this tidbit?”  And my answer is “Because I am a baby boomer who never thinks any empowering information is minor or that everyone knows it.”

So let me get ready for my walk just in case the weather report is wrong. This boomer is going to get fit this year. Besides, how will I ever get Tina Turner legs unless I work at it. Ha!

Happy New Year everyone.

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