Someone recently said, ” I don’t like sharing something on my wall t hat goes to ALL my friends.” That person is not alone in their concern. I learned how easy it was to create targeted lists on Facebook. A focused list will separate your “I just completed my speech for the Rotary” from “Hey guys the family reunion is coming up so get your tickets.”

Just check out the mini tutorial below.

1.  Go to the left side navigation panel while in the HOME TAB of  Facebook  and click on MORE

Create Custom Facebook List
Create Custom Facebook List

2.  Click on the Option to CREATE A NEW LIST

Create New Facebook List
Create New Facebook List

3.  Create a name for your new list. Then go page by page to select Facebook Friends you want to include in that list. Click on CREATE LIST.

Facebook List
Create Facebook List

4. Once you have created the list you can assign your Facebook updates to the list of your choice.

Click Status Update on Facebook

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2 thoughts on “Help! I Don’t Want to Share With ALL My Friends on Facebook”
  1. All I can say once again is: “WOW!”
    Rosie, you are so on top of your game and you share such valuable information. As someone who wasn’t blessed with the “I love technology gene,” you make things clear, simple, and easy! Thank you from one of your biggest fans!

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