Have you ever seen the TVseries “Tales From The Darkside?” Well unfortunately there are some social networking tales from the darkside you might want to know about. Don’t get me wrong I teach social media, I use social media and like everything else something good can always be used for bad.

My goal is to make folks aware and use the power of social media not run away from it. I say that because some reading this may say, “See I told you not to mess with that stuff.” but social networking should be approached the same way we approach offline networking. You would not take your clothes off in front of a webcam just like you would not expose yourself, I hope, at a cocktail party.

So I decided to share some warnings and alerts that I have gathered for you. Read them and just be aware. Share any dark tales you may have that can help someone else.

9 Hidden Dangers of Social Networking

I simply adore the Dolans. They have, over the years, provided consistantly great financial advice, so when they speak I do listen.

So What Do IT Folks Think About the Darkside of Social Networking?

This post is interesting because it provides 2 slide shows sharing how to stay safe on social networks and places the IT folks use.


Social Network Dangers

Of course PC World stays on top of things. So this article has great merit.


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9 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Social Networking”
  1. Great links to important articles, Rosie!
    Although I’m a blogger, I’ve been reluctant to get too involved in social networking. It can be very helpful in getting the word out about your site, products for sale, and any services you may offer. But there is a dark side I’m sure. Now that I’ve reviewed what some of the experts had to say, I’ll be even more cautious. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. YES, I am convinced that awareness and caution can make our social media efforts more beneficial and less frustrating.

  3. You have to always be aware online.. It’s articles such as these that help remind us that we can’t afford to be blasé with our computer use. Thank you Rosie.

  4. How can attorneys, your employer, and the IRS read your Facebook information if they aren’t in your friend list?

    Rita, Blogger, The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide

    P.S. It’s common sense not to say on your blog or Facebook that you’re on vacation.

  5. Rita may be common sense to you but I have seen some stuff where folks may forget they are online. Also, you do not have to be following me on Twitter to see my Tweets. As well there are services like Samepoint and tothers that will show your activity related to comments.
    Tweets are indexed often in AOL. ANYTHING written online really can be found. Wish I knew all the ways. There is even a hacking magazine on the racks in bookstores. I just am not techi enough to understand all of if.

  6. Not so much a security issue necessarily, but one that alternately mystifies me and cracks me up is when people share with thousands of followers on Twitter their current spat with or general or specific assessment of the character and house-trainedness of their significant other, or their children. As our mothers might have said “what possesses some people?” ‘Erm, yes dear, I did tell about 32,461 close friends in just 140 characters what a slob you are and how useless you are around the house, so what’s the problem with that? And why are you so defensive? They’re my friends: don’t you want me to chat with my friends?’

  7. One line life is a poor excuse for real(face to face)life. people are so preoccupied listening to an ipod or Cell telephone,etc., the common human exchanges such as courtesy, eye contact, or basic awareness of their immediate surroundings have become relics of a long gone age. I used to get 8 channels of TV free with only ONE click of a device, now I need 2 or 3 devices, more wire, more boxes, and a $100.00 fee to see the same garbage with all the commercials…this is 21 century progress!? In order to meet someone, I now have to go on line, surrender a credit card, render all sorts of personal information to some dossier collecting device to be viewed by… who knows? We are in the “Brave New World”/”1984” life style, eagerly paying to run into the cage with virtual handlers such as Gates,JOBS, ETC.and paying for it with our hard earned efforts.Sanity and progress is “doublespeak”for a new style of stupidity and mind control. I will welcome the final curtain since this stage is being directed and produced by “Dr. No”and the makers”Soylent Green”…I wonder if it will still be possible to hear Beethoven’s 6th (conducted by Bruno Walter)or will I be forced to hear JZee as a reminder of what I’ll be missing…HMMM?

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