Do Home Health Care Agencies provide free flu shots for their Home Health Aides? I wondered about this question because many many Home Health Aides are underpaid but extensively needed to provide home care.  If they are sick their options for sick days are few. Some agencies just do not have the resources to provide paid sick days.

Yet, if they are sick and go to work anyway it is silmilar to the wattress or kitchen helper who may be sick but works anyway because they just cannot afford days off. The result can be a spread of infection to those they serve,

I firmly believe the the Home Health Aide should get as many perks as possible. So, if you know of a Home Health Care Agency in the US that gives perks like free flu shots or sick days please post a comment. They should be applauded and recognized.

In addition, many baby boomers are transiting to other careers. Many are looking into home health care as an option. It would be good to know where the good agencies are residing. When you think about it an agency that cares for it’s people will probably go out of the way to care for your loved one.

By Rosie

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