The other day I attended a cooking class by Chef Jesse at the Adult School in Maplewood, NJ. This class was great therapy after a long hard work day. My brain was tired, feet were tired and just plain too much life drama.

I joined others who enjoyed watching and listening to Chef Jesse as he prepared a special meal while teaching us tips about sources, gravy, marinades and grape oil.

I did not know the other folks but when the class was over I felt that we should all do this every week at different homes. I think that if we met just one more session ,instead of one night, it would have happened.

Well, the meal was awesome so when I saw this annoucement about his upcoming radio broadcast with Joan Hamburg I just had to share it with all my readers.

Chef Jesse’s Pumpkin Bisque will be featured on ‘“The Joan Hamburg” Show” for recipe of the week, Wed Oct 28, Listen live @ 12:25 pm  for phone interview with Chef Jesse talking about the recipe and hints and tips for the home cook. Wor radio 710 HD AM

Please note that I simple love listening to Joan Hamburg. She is refreshingly honest and informative. It is going to be a great show.

Now, I plan to cook plenty of soups this winter. I am not a soup maker but hey, I’m a baby boomer and it will be part of my boomer therapy. Fun, fellowship and fantastic hips. (I mean slimmer hips)

Seriously, soups are a wonderful meal and warms up the bones. If you get a chance listen to Chef Jesse. I think he is probably the James Brown of the kitchen. My dream is to one day I will be able to afford him as a personal chef for my family , folks sick and shut in,and seniors who deserve great food but no longer cooking much.

Trust me Chef Jesse is great and later I will share more. But if you listen to the show let me know how you liked it.

You can follow Chef Jesse on Facebook.

By Rosie

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2 thoughts on “Chef Jesse Therapy”
  1. Is this the same person you told me about some time ago? You’ll have to put me in touch with him so I can interview him on my show. I have a friend who used to do just what you said in your blog–he and a goup of friends would go to a different house each week and prepare a meal. The host would decide the main dish and everyone else would prepare a side dish and dessert. He said it was a lot of fun

    Personally, I don’t get a thrill out of cooking but I know it can be good therapy for some.

  2. Yes Bev, he is one in the same. I will email you his phone number. You can also connect with him on Facebook and his email is
    Now, I get greater therapy from eating than cooking but this boomer is trying to expand something more thatn her hips. The house to house is not happening yet except for when we have small groups at church. Actually that might not be a bad idea to include in the agenda. Ummm

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