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October 6th, 2009 at 4:28 am

Baby Boomer What Will You Say at Thanksgiving When…

Baby boomer what will you say Thanksgiving when someone at the table asks you, “Why in the world do you  hang out on that computer? ” “Don’t tell me you are also one of those folks that do the Twitter thing, Why??

Now, even if you are not planning to eat with anyone Thanksgiving Day someone is bound to be totally shocked that you, a baby boomer, does stuff like social networking, marketing etc on the computer.

So get ready, by sharing right now what and why you are doing on the computer. What makes you, that special baby boomer spend time on the computer?

Frankly, I hope to help serve food at my moms senior center. Then will sit down again with family.  I will probably bring the subject up about the mental sharpness you can  get with blogging.

I really want to teach seniors how to blog.

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