Donna Satchell is a motivational speaker I interviewed for a site called Baby Boomers Bustin Loose. As a special treat I wanted to share the insights from this baby boomer with you this holiday weekend.

Be sure to visit her new blog with is full of motivational quotes.


By Rosie

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5 thoughts on “Listen to an Interview With a Great Motivator For Labor Day!”
  1. I checked out Donna’s motivational quotes and LOVED them. She’s got a great list of thoughts and ideas that, not only make sense, they can keep one heading in the direction of success. These kind of encouraging words can do so much so thank you, Rosie, for bringing Donna and her work to our attention!

  2. To: Rosie – Thanks for re-posting the interview. It is great to be able to again share my insights with your listening audience. I appreciate your support.

    To: Heidi – Thanks for listening to the interview. If you need more motivation, check out my videos at

    To: Mary Eileen -Thanks for checking out my blog of motivational quotes. Whenever you need a dose of motivation, revisit my blog for new quotes are added daily.

    Create a Great Weekend!

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