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September 18th, 2009 at 12:52 pm

Cell Phone Plans vs Pre-Paid Plans Who Wins?

May of us now may be looking to save money with our cell phones. Of course that depends on if you have a cell phone. But if you do this video produced by Bank of America was clear, short and informative. They even gave the pros and cons and decided on the winner.

It does appear that negotiation techniques would be an excellent video also. How do you negotiate for a better phone plan? What are the words you should say? What about your tone of voice? Any suggestuons? I will wait to hear from you before I call Verizon.

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    What Bank of America ought to do is a video on how consumers can save on those OUTRAGEOUS interest rates they are charging on their credit cards. I paid $56 in interest fees last month and they fact that they are allowed to get away with charging customers a 20 or 25 percent interest rate is sheer lunacy!!! And they ought to explain why they gave bonuses to Merrill Lynch executives at a time when we were busy bailing them out. I have lost all respect for Bank of America so there’s not much they can tell me that I will appreciate.

    They’re not even in the cell phone business.

    Beverly Mahone on September 19th, 2009
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    Pre-paid all the way!!! i absolutely love my pre-paid Tracfone because not only does it have great service and is really affordable, it comes with cool phones that you could buy for cheap also. The best part about it? i have family in Brazil and I get to call them internationally for the same price I call dometically. It’s great!

    Maria Andretto on September 26th, 2009
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    I think prepaid is smart. I mean you can budget exactly what you need that way and problem save some change. I think its a more empowering solution, anyways.

    reverse mobile on October 3rd, 2009