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September 13th, 2009 at 2:37 pm

A Med Student Experiances a Nursing Home as a Patient

I just read a powerful article about a nursing home patient that was only 29 years old. The fact is she was a medical student part of a special geriatric training program. It is a powerful program that I feel should be nation wide.

She learned several things that will open the eyes of many that have loved ones in a nursing home but seldom visit.

What does the nursing home patient that does not have memory issues think about? How do they feel when a staff member uses a tone of voice that treats them like a child instead of an adult? So many questions.

I do wish that the program really did not inform all the staff that the resident was a student. It would be a good test of client service. It could also serve as a way to reward workers that are making a difference.

It also reinforces the need for care giver support programs and resources. Many do not want to place a loved one in a nursing home but do not have the resources and support from family to care for them at home. It places a real burden on the caregiver-an unhealthy burden.

Here is the article posted on AOL today about the medical student nursing home program.

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