Yes, I am planning to launch a membership site. Then I decided I should stop and ask some of the readers to my blogs the kind of membership sites you appreciate.

My expertise is strong in presentation skills coaching as well as social media. Yet, I simply love connecting others so which ever my  focus I will probably showcase others and maintain some way for members to connect.

I need to know your interests and concerns. Is it price? Is it consistancy? Is it quality content? Do you want guests to appear to make it more varied?

I hope you would like guests because some of you might be asked to appear as a guest presenter for a teleseminar or article posting. Meanwhile, please tell me your thoughts.


PS This is also a great time to tell others about any membership sites you are already running.

PSS In case you are wondering I have chosen Wish List Membership Plugin. It is easy, less costly than other membership sites, and integrates well with my shopping cart. Oh, and they have video tutorials.

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.