Trust these 42 online web tools because the author, Lisa Irby is showcasing a deep well of expertise.  My hubby, Ray Horner, saw her on Facebook while watching a video post made by my friend Karen of Midlife’s a Trip.   Then I get another email blast from Kevin, of Humorous Reality. With those referrals from top notch baby boomers  I knew I had to check her out.

Read her About Page

Once you read Lisa’s about page you are ready to put down the TV remote and just absorb all the well written and clearly explained blog posts and view the information satuated videos.


Well, not because she is probably the daughter of a really cool baby boomer, but because she is passionate, results-oriented and knows her stuff.

But enough talking read her post just made in July of this year on 42 online web tools and judge for your self. You will probably be like me and pop her into your RSS reader or put your email in for repeat visits.

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