I have had painful fun doing meeting my own Inventory Challenge. I am comparing it to the work that must be done in my attic. Some things can be pulled out and used, sold or trashed. Below are some of the things I have done:

  • I revisited the blogging directory I joined called Blogged and added more blogs. There are still more to add. I discovered that one blog I have, Baby Boomer Pocket Change does not get accepted by any of the two blog directories I have attempted to submit them to. Think it looks too much like a static site or too commercial looking. But need to work on that. So far have some fomre folks following me and I am following more on Blogged. USE
  • I set up my hubby into an artist discussion board but that was such a long time ago. So, I just reminded him about it, sent the info and he can decide if you wants to stay involved or not. But right now this can be removed from my inventory attic. TRASH
  • Revisited a site called PodCast Ready. ¬† Now this one I am going to keep for now but I need to get some HELP
  • I reviewd a note about upgrading my web cam. It did not mean a lot then but now because of Boomer Diva Tv, I will probably do more webcams. I am going to upgrade. Check out the reccomended camera;

I have decided to sell some of my domain names. Yes, I know sounds awful doesn’t it? But note that domain names are just like real estate. Sometimes you desire to sell some of your property. Someone wrote me and with great concern said, “Why are you selling your domain names?” I explained that I was not using them or planned to use them in the future.¬† Now, don’t get me wrong you should hold on to some domain names for affiliate use, future sites, or redirects. But sometimes you may decide to SELL.

  • I saw where I signed up for Ublog2 When I went to the site it had an annoucement tha WordPress was now on Version 2.0. Now that was old. So, TRASH
  • I have begun the process of transitioning from one of my host sites. I will not mention which one it is. But they are a nightmare for blogs but great for static sites. I tried to set up a blog with them and their instructions were wrong and their easy to set up blog script provides a horrible 2.2 version of WordPress. TRASH
  • I am transferring my static brochure speaking website to a blog site format starting next week. Why? Because it will be so much easier to update the pages.¬†finally

  • I started my Zumba Classes again. Why, because I needed to move away from this computer more often.


By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

2 thoughts on “Inventory Challenge Week 1 Report-Just Like Cleaning My Attic”
  1. Wow, Rosie!

    Talk about taking inventory! You have had some week for yourself. I know you to be a positive, energetic, and upbeat person but I think you may have even outdone yourself.
    Congratulations on meeting so many goals and, okay, you’re getting me motivated, too!

  2. Oh boy, do I ever need to do some attic cleaning, and basement, too! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Don’t you just love Zumba? I look forward to the workout in N.C. in Oct.

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