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July 17th, 2009 at 11:55 pm

Boomer Challenge-Step Back and Take Inventory of Your Online Activities

Boomer Online Challenge I Dare You to Take For the Next 4 Weeks!

Sometimes we need to be like those line dances when it comes to our online activites. You know the ones that tell you to slide to the left, slide to the right go back and THEN jump forward.

Today I received a very interesting email from a blogging directory. Now, I admit that I recognized the name but became a wee bit skeptical when they told me that one of my blogs was rated 9 out of 10 by their editors. So, I decided to pay the site a visit.

Yes, I was there with two blogs. But I had run it set up the blogs on the site and had not returned. I even wrote a post about them in a series on blog directories.

Now what is my point? Well I have lots of sites I have signed up for in the days when I was thinner blogger. I have also many social bookmarking sites that I have signed up for and neglected. Let’s not talk about some of my blogs that may be dying of malnutrition.

So here is my challenge for you and myself. If you have not revisited some of your old online sites then let’s stop and do it at least  two hours a week for the next four weeks.  Report your activities every Friday until August 14, 2009.
You can share your progress as a comment or email me with a guest post rosiehorner(at)

I believe we will all be the richer for doing this inventory. Plus, we can help each other. What do you say? Are you ready to dance?

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    Goodness! I can’t tell you how many social networking sites and blogs I have started and then left for dead. Good idea Rosie. There must have been a reason why they attracted me in the first place. Who knows what I may discover on these long neglected sites. Now if I can just remember where they all are…

    Melodieann Whiteley on July 18th, 2009
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    Sooo very true. That’s why we are going to just zoom with this challenge. I would be interested in seeing what you come up with.

    Rosie on July 18th, 2009
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    I’ll take on the challenge Rosie I have a lot stuff that needs some attention. And I’ll tell my friends to do the same. Thanks

    Ray on July 18th, 2009
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    you have boomer friends too?

    Rosie on July 18th, 2009
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    I just stumbled onto your blog looking for quotes and I have to say your site is quite amazing. Loved the article about signing up for sites and then neglecting them. I have several websites and it can get quite time consuming. You’re absolutely right though.

    Rebecca Olkowski on July 18th, 2009
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    Great idea, Rosie! It’s so hard to keep up on all these things but anyone can set aside 2 hours a week. And, with the great moves and motivation of the Baby Boomer Cha Cha Slide who can resist?!

    Mary Eileen Williams on July 18th, 2009
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    Thanks,Rosie. This is a great idea. From the responses you have already received, it looks like we can all use this challenge to update our blogs and social networking sites. Also, loved the video.

    Amy Sherman on July 19th, 2009
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    Yes Amy, I am excited about what we will all learn as folks share their updates

    Rosie on July 19th, 2009
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    Ooooh yeah, doin’ the bus stop! lol Movin’ on over to some of those many neglected social sites, nice idea, cool songs & even cooler video!

    Cheers rosie 🙂

    Debbie Stevens on July 20th, 2009
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    Oh, I would love to learn how to do the ‘bus stop dance”

    Rosie on July 20th, 2009
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    You sound so organized, good job! It’s so worth it to take the time and inventory oneself and what we do. I do this periodically now with my online ventures. It always feels good to check up and clean up.

    Karlyn on July 25th, 2009
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    Great reminder Rosie, along with that is checking out your profile in various places. I bet I still have profiles in places I’ve not visited in years. I started out on classmates by telling how to find me online, places I do hang out at.

    Heidi Caswell on July 26th, 2009