What Makes You Special
What Makes You Special

We all know that baby boomers are special. But what makes you special besides age? This tree is older but what makes it stand out? Is it the color or is it how it continues to survive with that telephone wire cutting through it’s branches?

I was just reflecting on how each one of us are often surprising others. We have special gifts, talents and heaps of expertise. Yet, do we realize just how special we are. Many of use have survived so much yet keep on keepin on. While others can still dance on stage with heels like Tina Turner.
I often surprise participants in my workshops. They may expect that the baby boomer before them may never keep them awake. So they are surprised when I may have someone sing or have them exercise or dance to music. Oh, my and they still learned something.

For many, your spiritual faith makes you stand out or your love and kindness to others. Nothing like being that light in a very dark room. A light of hope, inspiration and encouragement that shines because it is running on batteries that have been recharged. But sometimes baby boomer wisdom knows how to shine that light in the right direction. Hence, many may be surprised when you capture their face in the light.
What makes you stand out as a baby boomer? What is it that surprises those who meet you.

By Rosie

I am a blogging boomer who wants to promote and provide all things boomer.

5 thoughts on “What Makes You Stand Out As a Baby Boomer?”
  1. I still have that same feisty spirit I had when I was younger. I don’t take no for an answer and I am driven by a faith that reminds me daily that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I will admit my faith has gotten much stronger as I age–maybe that’s the wisdom oozing through 🙂

    Wonderful post!

  2. I am lucky to be super-energetic at 51. I think part of it is genetics and part of it is that I live healthy. Lots of folks comment on my energy.

  3. At 51 I’m running 11th marathon this year. So I definitely don’t feel I’m getting old. Just looking forward to when I don’t have to work everyday! And be healthy enough to enjoy retirement.

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