Just read a powerful post, five minutes ago, that was written by a fellow Boomer Diva, Debra Stokes. After I read it I came up with the term” Attitude Therapy”. I define it as the stuff we go through and see other folks go through that helps to provide therapy to our own sometimes funky attitudes. The result is “Thanks I needed that.”

It’s what you do when you are depressed about not being able to expand your shopping budget. Then you go visit someone in a rehab facility and realize that your concern is nothing in comparison to what the person is going through that you visited.

Attitude Therapy is what every baby boomer I know should go through because we have gone through, going through or will go through some stuff. Every medical test my husband or I go through must have some kind of attitude therapy. Every diagnosis, every treatment needs Attitude Therapy.

It is also something we should put ourselves thru just to keep things in the right perspective. We are not in this world alone and I am a firm believer in helping others as I have been helped. Yet, I am not always successful because of stuff I may allow to get in the way like time, resouces and ATTITUDE.

Any way, thanks for this powerul post Debra.  And also the hint you are making about delivery of client service, word choices, humor and relationship to healing. Will I use it in my workshop this afternoon to Outreach Workers? You Bet!

Read this insightful post written by Debra and see if what I mean about Attitude Therapy.

By Rosie

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5 thoughts on “What is Attitude Therapy?”
  1. I totally agree–we all need attitude therapy. Problem is most of us don’t think so 🙂 because of the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  2. Thanks for the support, Rosie. Attitude Therapy is a wonderful term and one you should own! We need to be more deliberate about how we choose to look at life. Everything happens for a reason, so we need to “find the reason” and learn the lesson.

  3. Attitude therapy is key before you enter the room in an interview situation. If you have a funky attitude when you enter the room the interviewer will pick it up from your body language long before you say a word. Make sure you pay attention to your attitude before your interview.

  4. Attitude is important wherever you are, whatever age. Thank goodness people can use that pause button, and give themselves an attitude adjustment before sticking their foot in their mouth.

    I’ve done both.

  5. Debra is an amazing woman. I am headed over there to read her blog post. She said she had written about her last radiation treatmen.

    I believe that attitude is the key to overcoming illnees, or other hard things we face.

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