Is it possible that everything we read on the internet is not true? Yet, how many of us may read something and believe it is because we KNOW the sender? How can we check out the facts?

This issue was addressed today by one of the most prolific baby boomer writers on the internet, Martin Diano.  ( I can prove that statement)He posted an article called How Misinformation is Spread over the Internet. Please read it and share with others. Perhaps as we encourage others to stop and think before we spread information we can make some kind of positive impact.  We might even save a life, business or someone’s sanity.

By Rosie

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2 thoughts on “Are We Spreading Lies Without Knowing it on the Internet?”
  1. Misinformation is spread over the internet because we have TOO MANY so called citizen journalists who don’t know what it means to do research and check out the facts before they post a story. The other part is the fact that too many folks have opinions they want to pass off as the truth and gullible people read and believe what they see.

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